As a young-at-heart and fun-loving Kiwi-owned business, HELL loves to see young New Zealanders doing well. So when we hear about kids having a tough time, we’ll try to make a difference wherever we can.


That’s why Satan’s Little Helper was sent on his quest to cut a break for good young souls struck down by the big guy in the sky.


We also know there are many others out there fighting the good fight, and so we’ve launched Satan’s Biggest Little Helper to recognise under-23-year-olds going above and beyond to help create a better future for others.


If you know of any under-18s worthy of un-divine intervention, or would like to recognise the hard toil of an under 23-year-old who’s gone the extra mile, nominate them now and SLH will see what he can do to help and support them.

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  • Bookworms devour pizzas

    There were plenty of cheesy grins at the end of Parua Bay School Book Week, when more than 200 pupils were rewarded with a free healthy HELL 333 Kids’ Pizza.


    The small rural school in Northland saw 235 of its 270 students complete a HELL ‘8-Book Pizza Wheel’, with each of them reading eight books from their school library. Since there’s no HELL store nearby, HELL Whangarei took its HELL on Wheels caravan to the school, so that the completed book wheels could be redeemed for free pizza at lunchtime.


    HELL Whangarei brother and sister franchisees Jacob and Adrienne Chubb both attended the school themselves, and their mum Marian is a teacher there. A self-confessed bibliophile, Adrienne approached her mum with the idea when she heard about the book week, and was impressed with the response.


    “I told mum that if she got the school on board, I’d bring the caravan out. It was a bit impromptu, but it turned out to be an awesome day.”


    Adrienne and Jacob toured Northland in the HELL on Wheels caravan last year, as part of the original ‘8-Book Pizza Wheel’ launch. Run in conjunction with LIANZA (The Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa), HELL sponsored the national event and sent caravans to smaller towns, where there was no store for hungry young bookworms to collect their prize.


    Adrienne says she, Jacob and third franchisee Courtney Wellington are now looking forward to getting involved in this year’s tour, due to begin in September. Three caravans will distribute the healthy snacks to young bookworms in remote parts of the East Coast, Northland and the South Island.

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  • Caravan Tour inspires young readers

    Having devoured the books, avid young bookworms from across the North Island had their appetite for pizza satisfied when Hell’s Caravan Tour stopped by their towns in July.


    The journey was part of Hell’s sponsorship of the 2014 LIANZA Children’s Book Awards, where the Caravan visited selected small towns that don’t have a Hell store.


    The initiative included distributing 100,000 ‘8-Book Pizza Wheels’ to schools and libraries nationwide. Kids just needed to read eight books and have them recorded on their wheel to be rewarded with a healthy ‘333 Kids’ Pizza’.


    The Tour started in Taranaki’s Opunake, Statford, Hawera and Patea, then visited Levin and Wanganui. Over the five-day journey, a total of 500 pizzas were claimed by hungry bibliophiles – a “tremendous result” for child literacy, said South Taranaki District Council librarian Pamela Jones.


    “We have been staggered by the response. Children and families we have never seen in the Hawera library before are spending hours here, reading, choosing books, doing our activities and getting to know the librarians.”


    To read more on Taranaki’s Caravan tour, click here



    ---------------- Come Hell or high water ----------------


    The big guy in the sky stacked the odds against the Caravan Tour getting the job done in Northland in the following week, unleashing the worst storms and flooding seen in decades.


    Despite road closures and long delays, the Hell Whangarei team made it to Kaikohe, Keri Keri, Kaitaia and Dargaville, where around 200 kids wasted no time exchanging their wheel for a pizza prize.


    “Our patrons absolutely loved it,” said Proctor Librarian Roxanne Harrison (Keri Keri). It was well organised, the promo stuff was awesome and fantastically run on the day – also, the pizzas were amazing (as always)!



    -------- Caravan Tour shines on East Coast --------


    The East Coast leg ran on the same week as Northland’s Tour, drawing large crowds of keen readers in Wairoa, Gisborne, Whakatane and Te Puke.


    Around 400 kids had their reading efforts rewarded with pizza and the overall promotion was judged a great success by East Coast librarians.


    “Who would have thought this alignment would encourage kids to read great books and eat healthy food? It’s not that far-fetched; after all, many adults can imagine themselves curled up with a good book, chocolate and a glass of wine – the kids are definitely getting in more vegies!” says H B Williams Memorial Library manager Pene Walsh, of Gisborne.


    “When the Hell Pizza Caravan came to Gisborne to honour the children’s reading challenge with free pizza, we were thrilled, as we were resigned to thinking the provinces might miss out.


    “There is no Hell store in Gisborne, yet every child and teenager knew exactly who they were and were desperate to complete their eight reading challenges before the caravan arrived.


    “HB Williams Memorial Library has a policy of serving only healthy kai at any events, so the LIANZA partnership with Hell Pizza meant that not only were the children happy but their parents were on board with the challenges, too.


    “The visit to Gisborne was so successful, the Hell Caravan is coming back!


    To read more on the tour, please click here.

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  • Hell inspires nationwide reading revelation

    Hell’s sponsorship of the LIANZA Children’s Book Awards has sparked a reading revolution across the country, with experienced librarians lauding the campaign as the “best promotion for children’s literacy” they’ve ever seen.


    The launch of the ‘8-Trip Pizza Wheel’ – which rewards kids and teens with healthy ‘333 Kids Pizza’ for completing eight books – has been a revelation, with 100,000 discs ordered by schools and public libraries nationwide.


    “We’ve been absolutely blown away by the response – every day we’re sending out thousands of more pizza discs and hearing terrific stories about kids discovering the love of reading,” says LIANZA relationship manager Wendy Walker.


    Chris Archbold - a Christchurch primary school librarian - believes the campaign is a “fantastic idea” and has the backing of the school’s 210 pupils.


    “Our kids are loving the Pizza Challenge we’re holding at school - more of them are reading than ever! I love the fact that they have to tell me a bit about the book, before I will sign their wheel – having to give proof is great and encourages them to actually finish a book!” says Chris.


    The programme has also struck a chord with teenagers from Cashmere High School. “The students have read so much during this promotion. Some of my books have never seen so much action!” says school Librarian Ms Hill. “I have non-readers and avid bookworms alike all getting reading mileage like never before.


    “The best part is the discussion that ensues about the books they’re reading, which then leads to peer review and recommendation - great stuff!”


    Invercargill’s James Hargest College was one of the first schools to get in on the action – its library manager Kirsty Adams says: “The kids are extremely excited about the promotion. This afternoon I had a Year 9 girl, who is a very reluctant reader, take out two books to read over the weekend.”


    Wellington’s Seatoun School librarian Kylie Parry says results in literacy levels are already shining through with her kids.


    “I've had parents tell me about their child's increased reading since starting the promo at the beginning of last week. It's a big success here and well worth the extra workload,” says Kylie.


    West Auckland’s Ranui Primary School has a special after-school group, with boys who need extra support with their reading.  


    “Since the pizza discs came out, I have seen them in the library changing books at lunchtime. It’s so gratifying to see their enthusiasm for reading grow, with the encouragement of the free pizza!” says school librarian Leigh Allanson-Evans.


    Next month Hell is beginning its North Island Caravan Tour, where kids in towns without Hell stores have the opportunity to redeem their pizza wheels.


    “It’s a great chance to promote children’s literacy in smaller NZ towns, so we can’t wait to hit the road,” says Hell general manager Ben Cumming.


    On top of that, Hell and LIANZA are holding celebrity book-reading sessions in libraries throughout July. Stay tuned to Hell’s Facebook page for further details.


    For more information on the Library and Information Association New Zealand Aoteroa’s Children’s Book Awards, visit

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  • Hell link up with LIANZA Book Awards

    We at Hell believe that well-read, literate little devils are essential to the future of society – that’s why we’re the principal sponsor for the 2014 LIANZA Children’s Book Awards, which honours the best kids’ book authors and illustrators in the country.


    Great stories inspire critical and creative thinking, which sparks the questions that lead to new ideas and inventions. We’re all about challenging the status quo!


    So, while teaming up with NZ’s librarians might seem a match made in hell, it’s actually a match made for Hell.


    LIANZA boss Laurinda Thomas is equally positive about the partnership: “It will allow us to bring increased recognition to the high-quality children’s writing being produced in New Zealand,” she said.


    “Librarians are so passionate about children’s literature and connecting children to the right book; working with Hell will allow us to reach a whole new audience.”


    Entries for the 2014 LIANZA Children’s Book Awards opened on 13 February and the winners will be announced on 11 August.


    To see Hell’s Ben Cumming discuss this further, please follow this link.


    To hear Laurinda on the subject, please click here.

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