As a young-at-heart and fun-loving Kiwi-owned business, HELL loves to see young New Zealanders doing well. So when we hear about kids having a tough time, we’ll try to make a difference wherever we can.


That’s why Satan’s Little Helper was sent on his quest to cut a break for good young souls struck down by the big guy in the sky.


We also know there are many others out there fighting the good fight, and so we’ve launched Satan’s Biggest Little Helper to recognise under-23-year-olds going above and beyond to help create a better future for others.


If you know of any under-18s worthy of un-divine intervention, or would like to recognise the hard toil of an under 23-year-old who’s gone the extra mile, nominate them now and SLH will see what he can do to help and support them.

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  • Reading Challenge record-breaker

    The HELL Reading Challenge is our way of encouraging little devils across the country to pick up a book – and this year is going to be the biggest yet!


    Over the past three years, HELL has incentivised young Kiwis to read more than 2.5 million books. In 2017 alone, the aim is to distribute 250,000 wheels and add 1.75 million to the total.


    So far nearly 150,000 pizza wheels have been ordered by a combined 500 schools and libraries – a 78% increase on this time last year.


    For every book a participating pupil reads, their teacher or school librarian marks off a ‘slice’ on their pizza wheel. Once they’ve filled their wheel by reading seven books, they can redeem it at a local HELL store for a complimentary 333 kids’ pizza.


    “We couldn’t do it without the support of hard-working teachers and librarians all over the country, who have really got behind the challenge” says HELL general manager Ben Cumming, “and, of course, the eager participation of the students. Together, we hope we can fuel young Kiwi imaginations with 1.75 million books in a single year.”


    Here’s what some of last year’s participants had to say:


    “I didn’t read as much before the challenge and it used to take me a lot longer to finish a book. The challenge is fun and motivating, because I know after completing each book I’m closer to getting a nice reward.” – Jordan, 11


    “As a school librarian, I just think it’s fantastic. It's the perfect initiative to increase children's reading mileage and the children at this school just love it.” – Rosemary Paterson, St Therese School librarian


    “The challenge makes it fun to read books. I didn’t use to read a lot, but I now I read every night for at least 30 minutes. I like sharing the books I have read with Hue the Librarian and I like reading books by lots of different authors.” – Lily, Year 5


    “Our children often come from homes where English is not their first language, so seeing their interest in reading growing is fantastic.” Leigh Allanson-Evans, Ranui Primary School librarian 

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  • HELL feeds hunger for knowledge

    Satan’s Little Helper believes in sharing the fruit of knowledge far and wide – so when Becky Bateman from Museums Wellington asked for some help with her education programmes fundraiser, he leapt into action.  

    Satan’s Little Helper believes in sharing the fruit of knowledge far and wide – so when Becky Bateman from Museums Wellington asked for some help with her education programmes fundraiser, he leapt into action.  


    Looking to raise funds to make education programmes more affordable, Becky arranged a quiz night at Wellington Museum and HELL stepped up to provide the catering. Ticket sales for 96 people and proceeds from a cash bar raised more than $5,500 for the cause.


    “It’s a lot more than I was expecting and everything went great. The pizza arrived bang on time and everyone had a fantastic evening – although some people complained that the questions were too hard!”


    With the money raised, Becky says Museums Wellington will be able to offer a wider range of programmes as well as making them more accessible.


    “We run across four different sites: Wellington Museum, Space Place at Carter Observatory, Nairn Street Cottage and the Cable Car Museum,” says Becky. “We get groups of all ages from pre-school through to adults taking night classes, but typically the bulk of people we see are between 7-12.”


    There are classes on almost every day and instructors work hard to personalise them for different groups.


    “If we can put some programmes on for just a koha rather than a set price, it goes a long way to getting more people involved and learning about all sorts of cool things, such as what stars are made of.


    They also get a glimpse into the life of early settlers with tours through the Nairn Street Cottage, which is Wellington’s oldest identified building.”

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  • Getting kids hooked on books

    When HELL isn’t pushing pizza (or doing good deeds through Satan’s Little Helper), it’s doing its best to ensure kids get their literature fix.

    With the HELL Reading Challenge having incentivised young Kiwis to read more than 2.5 million books to date, our sponsorship of the Children’s Book Awards aims to spread the word (literally) even further.


    An important feature of these annual awards is the HELL Children’s Choice, which gives kids a say about what books they’ve enjoyed most this year.


    Young bookworms across the country voted under five categories: Picture Book, Junior Fiction, Non-Fiction, Young Adult Fiction and Te Reo Māori.


    This year’s winners are:


    Picture Book – The House on the Hill, by Kyle Mewburn with illustrations by Sarah Davis


    “Tis a cold, dark night, and deathly still. Dare two ghosts brave the nighttime chill? Pray follow, dear reader on if you will, to uncover the secret of the house on the hill.” An award-winning author and illustrator combine their talents in this deliciously spine-tingling story, with its lyrical text and just the right touch of spookiness.


    Junior Fiction – The Girl Who Rode the Wind, by Stacy Gregg


    An epic, emotional story of two girls and their bond with beloved horses, the action sweeping between Italy during the Second World War and present day.


    Non-Fiction – First to the Top, by David Hill with illustrations by Phoebe Morris


    “Up on the world's highest mountain, the sky is tinged the black colour of space and the air is almost too thin to breathe.” How did Ed, a small, shy boy from the tiny town of Tuakau in New Zealand, grow up to become the world's most famous mountaineer and adventurer?


    Young Adult Fiction – Stray, by Rachael Craw


    Evie is a Shield: designed to kill in order to protect, and the Affinity Project have finally come for her. But Evie isn’t ready for the sinister organisation to take control of her life, her body, her mind. Stray is the third book in Craw’s critically acclaimed Spark series. 


    Te Reo Māori – Te Hua Tuatahi a Kuwi, by Kat Merewether and translated by Pania Papa


    Kuwi is a young and confused kiwi, who has found herself alone with her newly laid egg. But she has never had an egg before and is unsure how to look after it. When the egg gets a crack, Kuwi thinks that the egg is broken, but she's in for a surprise…

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  • HELL gets Kiwi kids hooked on books

    The HELL Reading Challenge has incentivised young New Zealanders to read more than 2.5 million books!


    Kids, parents and teachers are reaping the rewards:


    “I hated reading but now I'm in love with it!” – Britney, Year 8 (Glenfield Intermediate, Auckland)


    “Alyssa has become a much more confident reader. She is more willing to try new books and is not discouraged by mistakes or unfamiliar words.” (Parent of a Year 2 pupil at Chaucer School, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland)


    "We have a boy who would not even read to his teacher aide. Since taking part in the HELL Reading Challenge, we are thrilled with the progress he has made.” – Teacher (Tauranga Intermediate)


    This reading revolution has very likely already been sparked in your local community.


    Now in its third year, the HELL Reading Challenge has seen 450,000 Pizza Wheels distributed around the country to date. The Pizza Wheels are used by kids to record their reading achievements. Once seven books have been recorded and verified by a teacher or librarian, the wheels can be redeemed for a free ‘333 kid’s pizza’ from HELL.


    The programme is completely free for primary schools and local libraries to enter; 655 school and public libraries across the country are registered so far for this year’s challenge.


    Click on the image to read more quotes from those taking part!

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  • Feeding Young Imaginations

    After feeding their hungry minds, young bookworms across the country got to satisfy their appetite for pizza, thanks to the latest HELL Caravan Tour.



    Three caravans with fully equipped pizza kitchens were sent to towns in Hawke’s Bay, Northland and South Canterbury, where there are no local HELL stores to reward kids who had completed the LIANZA and HELL Reading Challenge.


    To receive a free ‘333 HELLthy pizza’, children had to read seven books and get a stamp in each segment of their HELL pizza wheel.


    HELL general manager Ben Cumming says: “HELL has always challenged the norm, and with kids now becoming so engrossed with modern technology, we are bucking that trend and making reading cool again. We want pizza to be the gateway drug to reading addiction!”


    HELL Whangarei franchisee Courtney Wellington, who toured a caravan around Northland, says the response was overwhelmingly positive.


    “Hundreds of kids came out at each town we visited. They were stoked to see us! A lot of people told us how much they appreciate the effort that HELL has put in for the community,” says Courtney.


    LIANZA communications manager Ines Almeida says: “The caravan tour helps generate an extra buzz by delivering pizza to kids who wouldn’t normally get the chance to celebrate the completion of the challenge. Hopefully this extra effort will inspire these children to keep on reading in the future!”


    Nationwide, 319 schools and every public library in the country are taking part in the reading challenge, which has proven to be so popular that HELL had to print another batch of wheels. “This year has been a massive success. By June, we had run out of the first batch of 100,000 wheels – so HELL generously printed off another 50,000. I’m still getting requests from schools to join the challenge!” says Ines.

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