As a young-at-heart and fun-loving Kiwi-owned business, HELL loves to see young New Zealanders doing well. So when we hear about kids having a tough time, we’ll try to make a difference wherever we can.


That’s why Satan’s Little Helper was sent on his quest to cut a break for good young souls struck down by the big guy in the sky.


We also know there are many others out there fighting the good fight, and so we’ve launched Satan’s Biggest Little Helper to recognise under-23-year-olds going above and beyond to help create a better future for others.


If you know of any under-18s worthy of un-divine intervention, or would like to recognise the hard toil of an under 23-year-old who’s gone the extra mile, nominate them now and SLH will see what he can do to help and support them.

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  • Bring on the braces!

    Toby Robinson has it tough. Not only has he got ADHD and anxiety, he’s also going through puberty and battling dental issues that would make the Tooth Fairy cry. Luckily, he has another little helper on his side.

    “There are three types of ADHD,” explains Toby’s mum, Amy. “Toby he has them all. He’s socially awkward, which his ADHD medication makes worse, and other kids can find it difficult to get along with him because he’s high energy and impulsive.”


    Toby was diagnosed when he was 10 years old, but the medication doctors prescribed to make him better had the opposite effect.

    “It gave him bad headaches and exaggerated his social anxiety,” says Amy.


    “Coming into his tween and teenage years, Toby became even more self-conscious of himself because his teeth were so bad, he couldn’t even smile. Going into college was really tough. Of course, that made his anxiety even worse.”


    Toby’s jaw is too narrow, which forces his top row of teeth inside his bottom row. That causes all sorts of problems.


    “He couldn’t bite down on food properly. I used to think he was a fussy and messy eater, but it was because his teeth wouldn’t line up properly!”


    Left untreated, dentists said it would require surgery to cut Toby’s jaw open and expand it. There was another way to correct the situation without taking drastic action, but it wasn’t funded by New Zealand’s public health system.


    That’s when Satan’s Little Helper stepped in to cover the cost of the treatment.


    “The orthodontist took a mould of Toby’s teeth and created a device that fitted around his back teeth and attached to the roof of his mouth,” says Amy.


    The device was in place for six months and expanded every two days by turning a key, which widened Toby’s jaw.


    Toby is now living expander-free but needs braces to finish the job. However, he says he’s already feeling the benefits of the treatment.


    “It didn’t really hurt, although it was a bit uncomfortable when I could feel it expanding my jaw,” says Toby. “I feel a lot better now, as there is a lot more space in my mouth and it’s so much easier for me to eat. Even though my braces aren’t on yet, I feel a lot more confident because I know they’re coming.”


    Amy agrees.


    “He’s a lot happier and more confident. This is the first step towards getting his teeth sorted and he can’t wait for the final result. Getting the treatment done is a huge weight off my shoulders as well, it was such a relief.”

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  • Absolutely Marvel-ous!

    Six-year-old Cameron Bartle was born with only half a heart and has already had four open heart surgeries in his short life span! Tough gig for a little kid - but the brave young boy has remained positive and, with support from Satan’s Little Helper, is feeling like a superhero.


    Cameron’s condition, hypoplastic right heart syndrome, is a rare birth defect which affects the right ventricle of the heart, affecting normal blood flow.


    Limited by his condition and unable to participate in as many fun activities as his peers, Cameron dreams of life as a superhero and aspires to be just like Batman.


    “Cameron is such a wonderful, kind wee soul, who really deserves a break,” says his mum, Rachael Bartle.


    “He absolutely loves anything Marvel related; he’s spent many hours watching the rescue choppers landing and taking off at Starship Hospital, dreaming of gaining his own super powers to fly with them.”


    Rachael says her older son, Cory, has also had it tough over the past five years with Cameron in and out of hospital.


    “Cory’s been an amazing big brother and deserves recognition. They’re both just awesome kids.”


    Moved by their story, Satan’s Little Helper put together a superhero Christmas package for the brothers to enjoy together – an assortment of goodies from clothes and stationery to the Batman 3 PlayStation game for the brothers to enjoy together.


    “Cameron was absolutely delighted with his treats; he hasn’t stopped smiling!” says Rachael. “He keeps saying he’s the luckiest kid alive and making sure he shares with his big brother, which is great.”

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  • A small ‘thank you’

    Living through post-natal depression (PND) can be one of the most overwhelming, frightening and debilitating experiences a parent can have. Support groups such as Postnatal Depression Canterbury do invaluable work in helping young families find their feet. To allow the Christchurch-based group of eight volunteers and their organiser Sonya Watson some much-needed downtime, Satan’s Little Helper shouted them to a night of free HELL pizza.


    After developing and overcoming PND following the birth of her first child, Jack, seven years ago, Sonya became inspired to help other families through the illness. The organisation receives no government grants and is funded entirely by donations, charity grants and fundraisers.


    Sonya says the struggle for funding makes it really difficult to organise ‘thank you’ events for the volunteers, which is why she contacted Satan’s Little Helper.


    “I’d send them all on a holiday if I could!” says Sonya. “HELL’s support is hugely appreciated. The pizza night was great and everyone really enjoyed themselves, which was awesome. The local HELL Sydenham franchisee even came out to make sure everything was going well!”


    Help and more information is available from:

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  • The magic of LEGO

    Alex Herbert has suffered 12 months of hell. First, he saw his dad struck down by a major stroke, then he was diagnosed with leukaemia. Despite this, he remains a cheerful little boy more concerned with others’ wellbeing than his own.

    Witnessing such a traumatic event, and what came next, was a real test for Alex and his mum Farah.


    “Alex is really close to his dad, so seeing him unable to walk or talk was a struggle for him, but then Alex was diagnosed with leukaemia during the first lockdown – 97% of his bone marrow had leukaemia cells.”


    Farah says Alex’s first thought when he was told the bad news wasn’t about himself.


    “When Alex was told he had leukaemia, the first thing he was worried about is who would look after his dad. That just shows his strength of character.”


    Alex was put on a chemotherapy program, but in December doctors revealed that he wasn’t responding to treatment as they expected.


    “His treatment was increased to four chemo injections and a course of IV chemo a week, plus chemo pills every day. He also has to go into theatre and receive chemo there.”


    His treatment destroyed his immune system, so Alex and his family are in total lockdown.


    “The only time we leave the house is for walks and hospital trips,” explains Farah. “We’ll be like this for at least six months while Alex receives his treatment.”


    Everyone can agree that isolating at home for six months sucks, especially when friends and family can get out into the big wide world. That’s why Satan’s Little Helper sent him some new LEGO to play with, and a few of his favourite books to keep him occupied.


    “Alex finished his books the day he got them, and he’s busy re-reading them as we speak! The LEGO has been brilliant as well, it gives him something to focus on which isn’t screen-related, and it’s something that helps engage his brain.


    “He’s just finished reading the second Harry Potter book, so getting a massive Chamber of Secrets set was so exciting for him.”


    Farah is hopeful that Alex will ‘only’ have to isolate for six months, although his treatment could take as long as two-and-a-half years. The next step is to get him back to school (he currently does it online), and face-to-face with his mates and peers.


    We’re all crossing our fingers for some positive progress from Alex, who remains a "bouncy, happy, cheerful little boy” despite everything he’s been through.

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  • Hanging in there

    Tara Highnam has experienced more challenges than anyone her age should but has emerged from them in a happier place.

    School can be a mixed bag for a lot of kids, but Tara’s mum Ash Highnam says few are forced to suffer it like her daughter.


    “Towards the end of her time in mainstream school, Tara was having a really tough time. Even though she’s got developmental delays, she was put in her age-appropriate year group, so she fell way behind on her studies. To make things worse, she was the target of sustained bullying, which triggered some heartbreaking anxiety attacks.”


    In addition to the bullying, the school environment contributed to her problems.


    “The noise in the classroom would cause a sensory overload and there was lots of changes that disputed her routine. She used to run away from school – one afternoon we found her hiding under her grandparent’s bed.”


    Ash says Tara lost a lot of weight and developed heart issues caused by stress and anxiety.


    Then Covid struck.


    “She was already in a bad place because of school, but then Covid hit and her mental health deteriorated. She doesn’t understand the concept of self-harm, but her behaviour indicated she was trying to hurt herself, because she’d do stuff like run into the middle of the road at night.”


    Tara is now being home-schooled and is doing much better.


    “The stress from the mornings has gone, which is great because it used to be a massive fight to get her to school every day.”


    To help reduce her stress, Satan’s Little Helper sent her a sensory hammock to provide a safe space when things get a bit much.


    “She hasn’t left the swing since it arrived! She even tried to sleep it in the other night. She’s a sensory seeker, so the rocking of the swing helps calm her, allows her to decompress and alleviates the conditions that lead to volatile meltdowns. The house is a lot calmer as a result!”


    Tara even has a tray that lets her do her schoolwork in the hammock – something that Ash says helps her concentrate for longer.


    Ash plans to take things one day at a time and she provides Tara with a fun, stimulating and relaxing childhood. With the swing front and centre of that, she has a powerful new ally.

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