As a young-at-heart and fun-loving Kiwi-owned business, HELL loves to see young New Zealanders doing well. So when we hear about kids having a tough time, we’ll try to make a difference wherever we can.


That’s why Satan’s Little Helper was sent on his quest to cut a break for good young souls struck down by the big guy in the sky.


We also know there are many others out there fighting the good fight, and so we’ve launched Satan’s Biggest Little Helper to recognise under-23-year-olds going above and beyond to help create a better future for others.


If you know of any under-18s worthy of un-divine intervention, or would like to recognise the hard toil of an under 23-year-old who’s gone the extra mile, nominate them now and SLH will see what he can do to help and support them.

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  • Absolutely Marvel-ous!

    Six-year-old Cameron Bartle was born with only half a heart and has already had four open heart surgeries in his short life span! Tough gig for a little kid - but the brave young boy has remained positive and, with support from Satan’s Little Helper, is feeling like a superhero.


    Cameron’s condition, hypoplastic right heart syndrome, is a rare birth defect which affects the right ventricle of the heart, affecting normal blood flow.


    Limited by his condition and unable to participate in as many fun activities as his peers, Cameron dreams of life as a superhero and aspires to be just like Batman.


    “Cameron is such a wonderful, kind wee soul, who really deserves a break,” says his mum, Rachael Bartle.


    “He absolutely loves anything Marvel related; he’s spent many hours watching the rescue choppers landing and taking off at Starship Hospital, dreaming of gaining his own super powers to fly with them.”


    Rachael says her older son, Cory, has also had it tough over the past five years with Cameron in and out of hospital.


    “Cory’s been an amazing big brother and deserves recognition. They’re both just awesome kids.”


    Moved by their story, Satan’s Little Helper put together a superhero Christmas package for the brothers to enjoy together – an assortment of goodies from clothes and stationery to the Batman 3 PlayStation game for the brothers to enjoy together.


    “Cameron was absolutely delighted with his treats; he hasn’t stopped smiling!” says Rachael. “He keeps saying he’s the luckiest kid alive and making sure he shares with his big brother, which is great.”

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  • A small ‘thank you’

    Living through post-natal depression (PND) can be one of the most overwhelming, frightening and debilitating experiences a parent can have. Support groups such as Postnatal Depression Canterbury do invaluable work in helping young families find their feet. To allow the Christchurch-based group of eight volunteers and their organiser Sonya Watson some much-needed downtime, Satan’s Little Helper shouted them to a night of free HELL pizza.


    After developing and overcoming PND following the birth of her first child, Jack, seven years ago, Sonya became inspired to help other families through the illness. The organisation receives no government grants and is funded entirely by donations, charity grants and fundraisers.


    Sonya says the struggle for funding makes it really difficult to organise ‘thank you’ events for the volunteers, which is why she contacted Satan’s Little Helper.


    “I’d send them all on a holiday if I could!” says Sonya. “HELL’s support is hugely appreciated. The pizza night was great and everyone really enjoyed themselves, which was awesome. The local HELL Sydenham franchisee even came out to make sure everything was going well!”


    Help and more information is available from:

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  • Monkeying around

    Zachary Foster suffered a brain haemorrhage in the womb, which caused him to develop cerebral palsy. This affected his life in several ways, and when Satan’s Little Helper found out about his condition, we stepped in to help in our own small way.


    “The brain haemorrhage made things difficult,” says Zachary Fosters’ mum Jordan. With understated calm like that, you can see where 10-year-old Zachary gets his bravery and determination from.


    Born at 24 weeks, Zachary suffered a brain haemorrhage at birth. He didn’t roll, crawl or walk until he was two years old, which led to concerned specialists sending him for an MRI scan after exhausting all other options.


    “The MRI confirmed he had cerebral palsy from the brain haemorrhage,” explains Jordan. “Which is something he’ll live with for the rest of his life.”


    After his diagnosis, Zachary weathered a few years of rotten fortune.He picked up streptococcal, osteomyelitis (an infection that eats away at the bone), a femur fracture that left him in a wheelchair for two months, and discovered he was anaphylactic the hard way – by being stung by a bee.


    He has overcome those obstacles and is now focusing on improving the physical complications caused by his cerebral palsy, which affects his right leg, and the side-effects of the brain haemorrhage, which has left him with poor muscle tone and motor skills.


    Treatment has improved his outlook. Botox and lengthening have given Zachary more mobility in his right foot, but it’s not a long-term solution as he’ll have to get it redone every six years.


    He’s a bit behind at school but he’s got fire in his belly and determination in his heart, says Jordan.


    “He wants to learn. He doesn’t want to miss school, even if he’s sick! He wants to go to university and get a good job. His learning is behind, but he gives everything a go and that’s all we ask!”


    Away from school, Zachary is obsessed with his two cats and has started tennis, basketball and jiu-jitsu. He’s not in any teams yet, because he’s a bit injury prone as a result of his poor muscle tone.


    When Jordan nominated Zachary for help under the Satan’s Little Helper program, she said a set of monkey bars would help him improve his strength, mobility and coordination. They may even help reduce his risk of injury, which could allow him to take part in team sports!


    That sounded like a win-win for us, so we bought him a set and enlisted the help of Stop Digging, a company that use ground screws instead of concrete foundations for ground anchoring, to provide installation and timber frames for the bars. All for free!


    “I was gobsmacked with the service Stop Digging provided,” says Jordan. “They were so clear, talked me through it, were very polite and had a great manner.”


    With his monkey bars installed, Jordan says Zachary has been all over them.


    “The first day he was playing we held him and guided him through it, but now he’s managed to do the whole length without us, which is pretty incredible!


    “We’re so grateful to HELL! He’s been able to accomplish something he’s been unable to do for almost 10 years. Having the monkey bars has helped him achieve that; with Zachary, small accomplishments are such a big deal.”


    Zachary was dealt a pretty rough hand but thanks to his determination and never-say-die attitude, he is hoping to do plenty of monkeying around over the next few years!


    Stop Digging volunteered its services and supplied materials for free so Zachary could have a set of monkey bars to play on, for which HELL is extremely grateful. Thank you Stop Digging!

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  • Finley’s on the right track

    When two-year-old Finley Williams suffered a stroke in the womb, doctors feared he may never walk. A couple of years on from that tentative prognosis, he’s on his feet.


    If an adult suffered an equivalent-sized stroke, it would likely leave them wheelchair-bound, completely dependent on others. Luckily, children’s brains are a little more… elastic and tend to recover better.


    “He’s doing amazing,” says Kendyl. “He’s really taken off in the past couple of weeks. He’s walking pretty far. He’s a real outdoorsy kid, which helps.”


    That’s not to say he has fully recovered from the stroke, which affected the right-hand side of his body; particularly his arm.


    “His biggest problem is his right hand,” says Kendyl. “He can use it to support himself, but he can’t pick things up. His core is also really weak, so his balance is bad.”


    Finley attends physio sessions to coax some movement from his hand, but it’s a long process and it’s difficult to know if he’ll ever possess full functionality. His physio did say a balance bike would help Finley to use his hand more; an important step in his road to recovery. So when Satan’s Little Helper was contacted about the little man, we knew we had to get him one.


    Kendyl says she’s already seen improvements in her son.


    “He’s started walking since he got the balance bike and I think it has definitely helped. The bike is helping to improve his balance and dexterity. He also uses his hand to balance himself on the bike’s handlebars and his core strength to sit up straight.”


    Finley lives near a walking track and has already explored it a few times on his bike. Once summer hits, Kendyl thinks he’ll be up and down it in his own happy little world.


    “He’ll use it heaps in the summer – he loves being outside. We’ve got a track in town that we take him down and he loves it


    Thankfully, Finley is on the right track as far as his recovery goes. He’s at kindy one day a week and can talk – an important milestone in juvenile stroke victims.


    If the balance bike can keep him on another track, the one that winds around town, then Finley is even more likely to keep defying the doctors.

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  • Climbing for victory

    Three-year-old Avery Sinclair was travelling home from Cloud 9 Trampoline Park when disaster struck. 


    The car she was in hit a culvert and, after firefighters cut her from the wreck, she was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with a broken back, bruised bowel, a damaged neck ligament and a bruised spinal cord.


    She suffered from an incomplete T11 injury, which means her spine (at belly button level) was partially severed. This impacted everything below hip level.


    After the crash, Avery spent six months at The Wilson Centre, a rehab hospital for children in Takapuna, but has returned home and is learning to walk again.


    On a scale of one to five, with one being non-functioning and five fully-functioning, Avery’s quads are at a three. Unfortunately, her hamstrings and calves are at a one. Orthotics and extensive rehabilitation have helped Avery regain some movement and independence but it’s a long road to recovery.


    “She has physio and sees an occupational therapist twice a week,” says her mum Rochelle.


    “Avery can crawl because her quads work. She’ll choose to crawl around the home, but when we’re out and about she’ll be in her chair. She has a walking frame but to use it she needs to wear her ankle-foot orthotic, which replaces her calf muscle and gives her lower-leg stability.”


    To reach her goal of walking unassisted, Avery needs to retrain her brain to ‘speak to’ her hamstring and calves.


    “There’s things she can do to build new pathways, so she gets movement back. She needs to be doing things for the brain to learn how to create new pathways.”


    One of those things is climbing. Rochelle’s partner Jonathan gave up his job to care for Avery, who is now four years old. Because of that, they don’t have access to the funds to buy expensive equipment like a climbing frame and scramble net.


    When Satan’s Little Helper found out how much good could be achieved if Avery had access to one, we knew we had to provide! As well as the physical benefits, the climbing frame also lets her play with her siblings – something that has been restricted since her accident.


    “Having a climbing frame is a pretty big step forward in her recovery,” explains Rochelle. “It will get her calves and hamstring firing up. For that to happen, she needs to be doing something regularly to use those muscles and climbing will help massively.


    “Avery’s loving it. It’s nice to see her and her siblings play together. Before her accident, she used to love running around with them and she always wants to play with them. Engaging Avery in play and including her is really important. It’ll prevent her from feeling like she’s excluded.”


    Avery starts school in February 2022 and the plan is to take it easy at first. With access to the climbing frame and the support of her committed parents, Avery has got every chance of transitioning to full-time school and ticking off another box on her road to recovery.

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