As a young-at-heart and fun-loving Kiwi-owned business, HELL loves to see young New Zealanders doing well. So when we hear about kids having a tough time, we’ll try to make a difference wherever we can.


That’s why Satan’s Little Helper was sent on his quest to cut a break for good young souls struck down by the big guy in the sky.


We also know there are many others out there fighting the good fight, and so we’ve launched Satan’s Biggest Little Helper to recognise under-23-year-olds going above and beyond to help create a better future for others.


If you know of any under-18s worthy of un-divine intervention, or would like to recognise the hard toil of an under 23-year-old who’s gone the extra mile, nominate them now and SLH will see what he can do to help and support them.

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  • Kyle stands tall

    Basketball-mad Kyle Higgan has partial feeling in his right leg and sciatic nerve damage so severe it feels like he’s been in a nasty accident (luckily he hasn’t!). His latest operation will give him a chance at normality, but he’s got a long road ahead.


    It all started in 2018 when Kyle had an operation to correct inward-turning feet. A four-day hospital stay turned into a 14-day nightmare for Kyle and his mum Alyse Whyte.


    “After the operation, Kyle ended up on heavy pain relief because he couldn’t touch his leg as it hurt so much.


    “He ended up with metal plates in his knees and metal pins in his ankles.”


    Six months later, Kyle was still in pain and underwent an MRI. He was diagnosed with a damaged sciatic nerve.


    “He couldn’t feel or move his toes and when he walked his foot just limply hung there. It’s a little better now, but he still hasn’t got full feeling in his right leg,” explains Alyse.


    Kyle will have nerve damage for life, as well as associated pains such as pins and needles, and really nasty calluses on his feet caused by his pain-induced gait. On top of that, Alyse says he’s had to go under the knife again!


    “Because of Kyle’s drop foot, his toes ended up looking like claws. To fix it, surgeons cut the tendons in his foot and stretched them to release his toes. It’s never ending!”


    Recovery is a long and arduous process, especially when you’re just a kid.


    “He’s done six weeks in a cast; he’ll have four weeks in a moon boot and then he’ll have to wear a leg splint called an AFO 24/7.”


    On top of his physical struggles, Kyle also has autism and ADHD, and has really battled at school.


    “He’s lost a lot of friends, because he can’t join in with them. At morning tea and lunch, you’ll find him watching kids play while he sits there – sometimes I have the urge to pick him up from school, because I hate the idea of him being alone the whole time.”


    Sport has kept Kyle smiling during the tough times, explains his mum.


    "Basketball is his life saver, because he struggles making friends so much.”


    At nearly six foot tall and with size 11 feet at just 12-years-old, Kyle is the perfect size for it! So, when his aunt Terri nominated Kyle for Satan’s Little Helper, we knew we had to get him some slick gear and kitted him out with an LA Lakers singlet, a basketball and some Puma Court Rider kicks.


    “Kyle was absolutely over the moon when the basketball stuff arrived. He had no idea we’d nominated him! The basketball gets used nearly every day, even though he can’t get outside to his hoop. He wears the singlet all the time. Even if it’s cold, he’ll still wear it!”


    Alyse says he’s waiting for his foot to heal before trying on the shoes and is determined to get back on his feet as quickly as possible.


    A 12-year-old shouldn’t have to display such resilience, but Kyle continues to impress everyone with his stoicism. We wish him a speedy recovery!

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  • Canterbury community comes together for five-year-old Seb

    When Seb Turner’s mum Caroline Yardley applied to Satan’s Little Helper in February 2021, she had no idea it would have such life-changing consequences for her and her son.


    In 2019, Caroline Yardley’s world flipped upside down. Her little boy had just been to the GP for a routine visit but was now in the Child Haematology and Oncology Unit in Christchurch hospital, hooked up to machines.


    Seb was diagnosed with a rare form of bone marrow failure called aplastic anaemia and was being given blood and platelet transfusions. Things moved very quickly after that.


    “We were sent to Starship Hospital in Auckland,” explains Caroline. “Ideally he’d have had a bone marrow or a stem cell transplant, but out of a global register of 36 million donors, nobody was available.


    “He had to undergo a chemo-type immunosuppressant treatment, which severely compromised his immune system for a long time.


    “You don’t have a kid thinking they’ll have a life-threatening condition and spend nine months battling to survive. It’s overwhelmingly scary.”


    Seb was hooked up to a transfusion for five days, eight hours a day, and wasn’t able to leave his hospital room. Once released, he was in isolation for six weeks and continued to get blood transfusions for another seven months.


    Caroline says that it’s important to note that Seb is not cured.


    “He’s in remission now. The treatment he had is not a cure. He could relapse at any time, so you’ve always got that in the back of your mind.”


    As a young lad who loves steaming about outdoors, playing with his mates and exploring nature, his personal lockdown was tough – explains Caroline.


    “We live in a new build, and between Seb being ill and some financial constraints, I wasn’t able to get the garden finished. While he was on treatment, he really didn’t have a fun, safe space outside to play because the yard was full of weeds, was dusty and had some leftovers from the build in it.”


    Caroline stumbled upon Satan’s Little Helper (SLH) almost by accident.


    “After I placed my pizza order, I saw a little Satan’s Little Helper button and decided to click on it,” she explains.


    SLH decided to try and help Seb out by placing an advert in NZ Landscaper Magazine calling on green-thumbed, community-minded landscapers for help in turning his garden into his own personal Eden.


    Readylawn managing director Roger Morgan responded and says the project quickly gathered pace.


    “The article about Seb really hit home, as I’ve got two boys myself,” says Roger. “I was immediately inspired to lend a hand and figured that other Canterbury Registered Master Landscaper (RML) members would feel the same, and that we could do so much more as a community.


    “When I brought up Seb’s situation at the next local meet-up, within five minutes we had everyone on board. It was a such a fantastic outcome!”


    RML members completed the build in just four days, and left Seb with an incredible place to play and be himself – complete with a sand pit, a scooter track and lots of beautiful greenery.


    Caroline says it has the potential to change his life for the better. “If he relapses now, he would be able to play and have some outside time that we didn’t get before. He could even play with his cousins, as long as they’re healthy. It’ll be phenomenal for his mental health.”


    Without the support of the following, this project wouldn’t have seen the light of day. We can’t thank them enough: Baier Group, Bunnings, Freeman Irrigation, Gill Landscapes, Greenscapes, Groundworks, Intelligro, Lincoln University, London Landscapes, Onlandscapes, Permacolour, Placemakers, Readylawn Ltd, Southern Woods Nursery, Urban Paving and Xteriorscapes.

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  • Mad for karaoke

    Little Madison Duffy has been under the knife six times in less than two years to correct a dangerous bowel problem – a tough start to life for this giggly girl and her parents Aimee and Damian.

    Aimee says she didn’t have time to reflect on the reality of being a first-time mum when she was given the bad news.


    “Madison was 25 hours old when we were told she had imperforate anus – she was born with no anal opening.”


    The bowel is supposed to direct liquid waste to the urethral opening and faecal waste to the anus, but Madison has a fistula – which means the tube that should have gone to her anus joined with her urethra.


    To allow her to poo, Madison was fitted with a colostomy bag through her abdomen when she was just a week old. Finally, after five long days in the neonatal unit, Aimee was allowed to take her daughter back to her Invercargill home. The plan was to have corrective surgery in three months’ time.


    That was the Friday. By Sunday, Madison’s health became critically endangered.


    “Things changed quickly and Madison got very sick,” says Aimee. “She projectile vomited all over me, so I phoned neonatal, and they told me to get down there urgently as she was essentially throwing up her own poo.”


    Madison was airlifted to Christchurch hospital and since then has had six operations – including three surgeries and four general anesthetics in a terrifying 15-day period when she was just nine months old. Two of those surgeries were emergencies.


    Madison has since had her colostomy bag removed but struggles to control her bowel movements.


    “We average about 10 nappy changes a day,” says Aimee. Aimee believes that every cloud has a silver lining. In this case, she says Madison’s trials and tribulations molded a brilliant kid.


    “She’s a very witty, clever little girl and without all the things that have gone on she might not be. She can count really well, she tells jokes, she giggles all the time, she’s very active and incredibly resilient.”


    Aimee told Satan’s Little Helper that her daughter loves to sing, so we thought a portable karaoke machine would be a good way to put a smile on her face.


    “OMG she loves it,” says Aimee. “The machine has brought her so much joy! She’ll sit there for an hour just using the voice changer, making different sounds into the mic. Her and her dad have had some good singalongs – she’s such a diva.


    “She takes it everywhere with her, she even brought it to her grandmother’s house and they both started playing on it. “It means the world that HELL did something like that for us, it honestly does. To see her face light up when she knew what it was and what it did was incredible. Just to know other people see she’s special meant a lot to us as a family.”

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  • ‘Appy days for Luca

    Luca Brook lost his powers of speech when he was just 18 months old. Now five, he’s fighting hard to reclaim his words – aided by Satan’s Little Helper, a tablet and some specialist apps.


    Four years ago, Luca’s development was more advanced than other kids his age.


    A lot has changed since then. “At 12 months, Luca’s speech was ahead of his peers,” explains mum Dani Garland. “Six months later, he started to lose his words, avoid eye contact, social interactions and play.”


    Luca was diagnosed with autism before he turned two. Now five, he is non-verbal.


    Pre-Covid, Luca was seeing a speech therapist once a week and was in line to get an assessment from TalkLink Trust to get a communications device funded, but the pandemic set that process back by two years.


    A tablet with a communications app installed on it is vital for Luca, as it allows him to talk to others, convey his emotions and ask for simple things.


    “We were hoping he’d have a device to start school with,” says Dani, who turned to HELL Pizza’s Satans Little Helper program as a last resort.


    When the Satan’s Little Helper team heard how much a tablet would turn Luca’s life around, it jumped at the chance to help and bought him one.


    “Before he had the tablet, he had a laminate communication board with a few options; he had to carry it everywhere,” says Dani. “The tablet gives him so many more options; he can be more precise and can use it to make full sentences, as it speaks for him.


    “It really is amazing. He used it a couple of days ago to say what he wanted for the first time – a glass of water. That brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye!


    “Before, he’d just lead us to what he wanted and get frustrated when we couldn’t understand him, which would lead to meltdowns – something you really want to avoid with autistic children. He hasn’t had one since he got the app, because his communication is so much better. He’s a lot happier and he’s more confident, because he knows he can chat.”


    School is helping him, too. Luca has fallen in love with music and art. He really enjoys playing the drums and piano, and was able to complete a term and a half’s worth of music therapy in just five weeks.


    Luca’s other passion is space, nourished by National Geographic videos on YouTube. When Dani mentioned that to Satan’s Little Helper, the team sent a 40mm telescope along with the tablet.


    “He uses it every night, it’s part of his routine,” says Dani.


    Outside of music and star-gazing, Luca enjoys cooking, animals and exploring outdoors. Thanks to his new powers of communication, the little man can share more of his passions with his family. We couldn’t be happier for them!

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  • Let the children play

    Satan’s Little Helper is a playful character, so he jumped at the chance to help Rangiora Toy Library (RTL) in its mission to improve children’s education through play – by providing $480 in HELL vouchers.



    Half that amount in dollars was needed for RTL to reach its target to buy new shelves and improve the centre’s limited space.


    “We sold the vouchers at half price and they proved wildly popular,” says RTL vice president and secretary Lizzy Anderson. “We could have sold three times as many!”


    Established more than 20 years ago, the community-run RTL is funded through a combination of subscription fees, donations, grants, and fundraisers.


    Lizzy says that everyone involved is very thankful for HELL’s support.


    “We’ve got the shelves installed now. They’ve made a significant difference to the library, because now we can safely store our larger toys and there’s also more space for the children to play.


    “Not all families have access to toys at home; we’re an affordable alternative with more than 1,000 different items available to our members.” 

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