As a young-at-heart and fun-loving Kiwi-owned business, HELL loves to see young New Zealanders doing well. So when we hear about kids having a tough time, we’ll try to make a difference wherever we can.


That’s why Satan’s Little Helper was sent on his quest to cut a break for good young souls struck down by the big guy in the sky.


We also know there are many others out there fighting the good fight, and so we’ve launched Satan’s Biggest Little Helper to recognise under-23-year-olds going above and beyond to help create a better future for others.


If you know of any under-18s worthy of un-divine intervention, or would like to recognise the hard toil of an under 23-year-old who’s gone the extra mile, nominate them now and SLH will see what he can do to help and support them.

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  • Going swimmingly

    Three-year-old Isaac Tai lives by the beach, but a 2020 leukaemia diagnosis means he’s missed out on a lot – including swimming lessons! To give him some new skills and enhance his personal development, Satan’s Little Helper stepped in.

    It’s been a long journey for Isaac and his family. It started in September 2020, when he picked up a nasty case of tonsillitis.
    “He struggled to shake it off,” recalls his mum Rata. “We thought it was because he’d just started day care, which is a complete germ factory!”
    It turns out Isaac’s body was struggling because he had cancer.
    “Eventually one of the teachers came up to me and said Isaac’s skin colour looked a bit off and recommended that we get a blood test done.”
    After a trip to the doctor, Isaac was referred to paediatrics.
    “He was given a blood transfusion and sent to Starship, where they formally diagnosed him with leukaemia. He didn’t leave the hospital for two months and, as parents, you end up living in a twilight zone.”
    Isaac was diagnosed during a crucial phase in his development. Due to his isolation, he missed out on a lot of socialising and his development suffered. It also meant he couldn’t learn more practical skills.
    “We live by the beach for a reason! We love it and we spend a lot of time there. Isaac loves it too, but his confidence with the water is completely beyond his ability in the water,” Rata laughs.
    So, what do you do for an immu-compromised little man who needs a skill boost, some extra socialisation but can’t be around larger groups of germ-laden folk?
    Private swimming lessons of course, which Satan’s Little Helper was happy to provide.
    “The fact that we can do it privately gives us huge confidence that Isaac will be safe from any viruses that are out there as any infection means a trip to the emergency department. It’s also a relief knowing he’s getting normal experiences and interactions in a safe environment.”
    As well as keeping Isaac safe, Rata says interacting with an instructor one-on-one has been beneficial.
    “We’ve noticed a huge difference in his communication ability, as well as how he listens to instructions and takes them on board. He never used to ask or answer questions, even six months ago, but now he’s more comfortable with it.”
    Isaac is also less frustrated, because his communication skills have improved so much, plus he’s having a whale of a time in the water!
    “His swimming is going really well! He’s learning how to control his breath, so we should have him diving for mussels and paua soon,” Rata jokes.
    “But seriously, we’re so happy to see his progression with swimming. It’s fun for him. He loves it so much that he cries when it’s time to get out of the pool! As soon as a lesson is over, he’ll ask me non-stop when the next one is.”
    Isaac has had two years and three months of chemotherapy, lumbar punctures and isolation. He’s coming to the end of his treatment, but he won’t be back to ‘normal’ for another two years.
    Giving him a safe space to learn new things, increase his development and have fun is an important step on his road to recovery, and one that’ll set him up for the future.

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  • Statue Superhero

    Dani Hartell is seven-years-old, but his mum has barely heard him speak. His ‘superpower’ is locating statues around the world, but sadly he’s also as silent as one. To give him the power of speech, Satan’s Little Helper invested in a tablet loaded with a specialist app.

    Dani is non-verbal. He has global development delay (GDD) and eczema so bad he’d scratch it until it turned infectious if he wasn’t watched. Imagine being that itchy all the time and you can’t even tell your mum how you’re feeling.

    “He’s the most precious damn child,” says his mum Mel. “He’s had a rough go with everything in life. When he was two-and-a-half, he was diagnosed autism and GDD but he’s doing a lot better now.”

    Lots of kids who have autism love structure and Dani is no different. It’s partly why he loves school so much – and gets upset when he can’t go – although Mel says he’s also an information sponge.

    “He loves learning as much as he can. For example, he’s obsessed with statues and he can pinpoint heaps of statues on Google Earth. The Statue of Liberty is his favourite, but he even knows all the random little ones around the city! It’s like his superpower,” she chuckles.

    Dani attends a special school, where he communicates using a tablet, but outside of that environment there’s not much publicly funded support available to him. Satan’s Little Helper thinks every kid deserves a voice, so we funded a device for him to use at home. Mel installed the Leeloo app and Dani was away!

    “The first time he did it properly, he wanted a drink, so he pressed the button and the app talked to ask for a drink. When he heard that, he looked at me with a big grin on his face and it was so sweet! I cried, not going to lie.”

    Mel talks with such emotion, love and strength of feeling about her son’s new-found verbal ability that it gives you a lump in your throat too.

    “Dani gets so overwhelmed and frustrated when he can’t tell me what he wants that he loses the plot and there’s nothing you can do. We try to ‘burrito’ him in a blanket to calm him down. He likes having his head scratched and then we have to ask him 101 questions until we find the right thing and he’ll react.

    “But now, we don’t have to go through all that. For example, he was going through the feelings section of the app and he told me he was happy. He’s picking it up so fast, it’s unbelievable.”

    The hope is that the app will help Dani learn more words in the future.

    “He can read the words out loud, but he can’t use them in the way he needs to. But, if he can keep vocalising like that, I think it’ll be really important for his development.” It’ll be a long journey for Dani, but Mel is relaxed and happy to enjoy the little moments.

    “When your children start talking to you when they’re one or two, you don’t understand how amazing it is. With Dani, he first called me mum when he was six. I had to wait six years for that. People take it for granted being able to talk to their kids. To be able to know exactly what he wants is massive. We’re really, really thankful.”

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  • Just dance

    Lola Stratton’s dental condition means she can often be in pain for days, although she hates making a fuss about it. To fix it, her mum Courtney, a stay-at-home mum and full-time student, has to save up a lot – which leaves little spending power for anything else.

    Lola Stratton’s canine teeth are growing in sideways, towards the centre of her palette.

    “It causes her severe headaches and jaw pain,” says her mum Courtney. “She describes it as a pressure on her mouth. The pain can come out of the blue and it’ll strike in waves. Sometimes it takes a few days before it goes away.

    “She’s had her days living on painkillers but she’s very good at coping with it all. She will mention that she’s in pain but she’s very quiet, reserved and doesn’t like to make a fuss.”

    Unfortunately for 12-year-old Lola, her dental condition has ruined her self-confidence – which is why getting them fixed is especially important. Courtney is a stay-at-home mum of three and is currently studying full-time, which makes saving for the treatment a little tricky.

    “I reached out to Satan’s Little Helper because Lola’s treatment isn’t funded through the public system. The surgery she needs will access the canines will take away some of her gum to get to the base of the teeth. Then they’ll attach chains to them and cover it with wax until that heals.

    “Next, the chains will be attached to braces, which creates tension that slowly draws the teeth down into the correct position.”

    It sounds like painful stuff, but Lola has prepared and is excited and nervous at the same time.

    One way Lola takes her mind off her problems is through dance. She has enrolled in a contemporary class and is leading the dance project at school.

    “Dance helps her express herself in a way that doesn’t make her feel self-conscious,” explains Courtney. “She channels all her emotions and feeling through her dance. She loves dancing – she can’t sit still and is always moving around the lounge.”

    Of course, dance costs money. So, to give Courtney a little breathing room and ensure Lola can keep doing the thing she loves, Satan’s Little Helper footed the bill for a term of dance, her exam and the compulsory leotard.

    “The help has been huge,” explains Courtney. “It means Lola can keep doing what she loves for another term and allows me to put some extra money into savings for the surgery. I was anxious about the exam fee and the extra cost of the leotard, so it was a welcome help.”

    Lola is counting down the days until her exam and practises anywhere she can. Even though there isn’t a lot of space in the house, Courtney says that Lola will find a way to dance.

    Away from the sport, Lola loves school and excels at art. “She’s brilliant for a 13-year-old. I remember what I was like at that age and she’s a much better kid than I was,” Courtney laughs.

    Now she can keep doing the thing that brings her joy with an even bigger smile on her face - that’s a win for everyone!

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  • Transformation time

    School was like a horror movie for Nikolas Morrissey. The extreme bullying he suffered there turned a kind, smart kid into a shadow of his former self. But, thanks to a change of scenery and a new piece of gear from Satan’s Little Helper, there is reason to smile again.

    School can be a tough place but for 13-year-old Nikolas Morrissey it was a living hell.
    We’ve all felt that feeling in the pit of our stomachs – dread, anxiety, fear, sadness. Nikolas felt that every morning, five days a week. “He went through an incredibly hard time for months,” says his mum Kelly. “It really affected his daily life.
    “There are visible scars from the bullying he suffered. He was assaulted and stabbed three times.
    “He was picked on because his ADHD made him different and the more he was bullied, the more his ADHD separated him from the rest of his classmates.
    “Despite all that, he still managed to put everybody else’s needs before his own.”
    Kelly says her boy was a shadow of the kid he is now. He’d isolate himself from the world, refuse to come outside and never socialised.
    “If he’d had a really bad day at school, it would often result in an explosive reaction when he came home because of his ADHD.”
    Happily, things are much better now. After a change of school, Kelly has a different boy.
    “Switching school has been the best thing we ever did. He has a guidance counsellor, they support him brilliantly and at home, he’s a different kid – all because he feels safe and stable in his school environment.”
    She says that Nikolas has always been incredibly caring – he’s helpful around the house and looks after his siblings like they’re the most precious thing in the world – but now he’s happy too. To complete Nik’s transformation, and to give him a way to socialise and get outdoors, Satan’s Little Helper got him a mountain board.
    “He’s never had a passion, but he has always wanted a mountain board. Unfortunately we could never afford it.
    “It’s has been amazing for him. As soon as he’s home from school, he takes his little brother and sister to the field and they go up and down the hills all afternoon. He’s got a close mate, who is like a brother, and they spend the whole weekend cruising around.”
    It might seem like something small, but Kelly has noticed a huge difference in Nik.
    “It has honestly changed his life. He can take it out when he’s feeling down and he’ll come back with a smile on his face, and it’s been massive for his social skills, which is something he has struggled with. He always used to say he doesn’t know where he fits in at school, but now he can ring his mates up and they’ll go out on it for hours, with Nik showing them the ropes.”
    Kelly says Nik used to come home and shut himself off from the world, but since getting the mountain board, he’s barely spent any time inside.
    “The other day his uncle said he’s seen a spark in Nik. We’re all so happy to see the change in him.”

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  • Let the children play

    Satan’s Little Helper is a playful character, so he jumped at the chance to help Rangiora Toy Library (RTL) in its mission to improve children’s education through play – by providing $480 in HELL vouchers.



    Half that amount in dollars was needed for RTL to reach its target to buy new shelves and improve the centre’s limited space.


    “We sold the vouchers at half price and they proved wildly popular,” says RTL vice president and secretary Lizzy Anderson. “We could have sold three times as many!”


    Established more than 20 years ago, the community-run RTL is funded through a combination of subscription fees, donations, grants, and fundraisers.


    Lizzy says that everyone involved is very thankful for HELL’s support.


    “We’ve got the shelves installed now. They’ve made a significant difference to the library, because now we can safely store our larger toys and there’s also more space for the children to play.


    “Not all families have access to toys at home; we’re an affordable alternative with more than 1,000 different items available to our members.” 

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