As a young-at-heart and fun-loving Kiwi-owned business, HELL loves to see young New Zealanders doing well. So when we hear about kids having a tough time, we’ll try to make a difference wherever we can.

Since 2013, Satan’s Little Helper has been on a quest to cut a break for good souls struck down by the big guy in the sky – but he needs you to point him in the right direction.


So, do you know any under-18s worthy of un-divine intervention? Or would you like to recognise the hard toil of someone who’s gone the extra mile to help Kiwi kids (and their families)? Nominate them now and SLH will see what he can do to help and support them.

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  • Better in HELL than in hospital!

    Waitara’s Matt Olson had to spend his 13th birthday in hospital at his mum Rachel’s bedside, but thanks to Satan’s Little Helper and New Plymouth HELL franchisee Sanjay Gadiyar, the family were able to spend some quality time together with a belated celebration.


    Rachel was rushed to hospital with a spinal infection and pleurisy, with her stay extending over Matt’s birthday.


    To make up for the fact he was unable to have a proper celebration, Satan’s Little Helper and Sanjay organised for the family of four – Matt, his younger brother Ciel, dad Dave and Rachel –to spend some quality time together at the HELL New Plymouth store.


    “Having Matt’s birthday in the hospital wasn’t that great,” says Rachel, who is still in recovery and expects to be better within a few months.


    “Being able to celebrate in store was lovely. Sanjay went to a lot of effort to make it special and we all really enjoyed it.”


    Matt says that Rachel kept the party as a surprise, describing it as “really cool”.


    “I thought we were just in town to do a few jobs, so it was really unexpected when we went to the store. I had a lot of fun and all the food was really yummy – the best part was that it was free!”

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  • Rainbow warrior

    Fun-loving Jade Beattie was in seventh heaven as she celebrated her seventh birthday at Rainbow's End theme park in Manukau, Auckland – thanks to a treat from Satan's Little Helper.


    Jade's mum Megan says “it was awesome to see the huge smile on her face” when she sprang the birthday surprise on her unsuspecting daughter, who suffers from a form of Cerebral Palsy called Spastic Dipelgia.


    “She was so excited to be able to go on all of the rides with her friends, and it was great to see her be included in everything and not missing out because of her physical limitations,” says Megan. “She described it as 'the best day ever!'”


    Spastic Dipelgia causes muscle tension and spasms, particularly in the legs. It means Jade needs the assistance of a walking frame and wheelchair to get around.


    The conditioning is worsening as Jade continues to grow. Without surgery, she could eventually be confined to a wheelchair for life.


    A procedure called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy surgery would allow Jade’s legs to develop normally. The catch is that it requires Jade to visit St Louis Children’s Hospital in Missouri (USA) at a cost of $125,000.


    Megan says Jade has been placed on a waiting list for March 2017.


    “The surgery will enable her to walk pain free, dance, ride a bike and stop any further deformities. It’s also the best opportunity Jade has to live an independent life,” says Megan.


    Putting aside all their spare money to save for the trip meant the family was unable to throw Jade a birthday this year, which is where Satan’s Little Helper stepped in.  


    If you’d like to make a contribution towards helping Jade get to Missouri for her life-changing surgery, you can do so via her givealittle page.

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  • Getting kids hooked on books

    When HELL isn’t pushing pizza (or doing good deeds through Satan’s Little Helper), it’s doing its best to ensure kids get their literature fix.

    With the HELL Reading Challenge having incentivised young Kiwis to read more than 2.5 million books to date, our sponsorship of the Children’s Book Awards aims to spread the word (literally) even further.


    An important feature of these annual awards is the HELL Children’s Choice, which gives kids a say about what books they’ve enjoyed most this year.


    Young bookworms across the country voted under five categories: Picture Book, Junior Fiction, Non-Fiction, Young Adult Fiction and Te Reo Māori.


    This year’s winners are:


    Picture Book – The House on the Hill, by Kyle Mewburn with illustrations by Sarah Davis


    “Tis a cold, dark night, and deathly still. Dare two ghosts brave the nighttime chill? Pray follow, dear reader on if you will, to uncover the secret of the house on the hill.” An award-winning author and illustrator combine their talents in this deliciously spine-tingling story, with its lyrical text and just the right touch of spookiness.


    Junior Fiction – The Girl Who Rode the Wind, by Stacy Gregg


    An epic, emotional story of two girls and their bond with beloved horses, the action sweeping between Italy during the Second World War and present day.


    Non-Fiction – First to the Top, by David Hill with illustrations by Phoebe Morris


    “Up on the world's highest mountain, the sky is tinged the black colour of space and the air is almost too thin to breathe.” How did Ed, a small, shy boy from the tiny town of Tuakau in New Zealand, grow up to become the world's most famous mountaineer and adventurer?


    Young Adult Fiction – Stray, by Rachael Craw


    Evie is a Shield: designed to kill in order to protect, and the Affinity Project have finally come for her. But Evie isn’t ready for the sinister organisation to take control of her life, her body, her mind. Stray is the third book in Craw’s critically acclaimed Spark series. 


    Te Reo Māori – Te Hua Tuatahi a Kuwi, by Kat Merewether and translated by Pania Papa


    Kuwi is a young and confused kiwi, who has found herself alone with her newly laid egg. But she has never had an egg before and is unsure how to look after it. When the egg gets a crack, Kuwi thinks that the egg is broken, but she's in for a surprise…

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  • HELL gets Kiwi kids hooked on books

    The HELL Reading Challenge has incentivised young New Zealanders to read more than 2.5 million books!


    Kids, parents and teachers are reaping the rewards:


    “I hated reading but now I'm in love with it!” – Britney, Year 8 (Glenfield Intermediate, Auckland)


    “Alyssa has become a much more confident reader. She is more willing to try new books and is not discouraged by mistakes or unfamiliar words.” (Parent of a Year 2 pupil at Chaucer School, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland)


    "We have a boy who would not even read to his teacher aide. Since taking part in the HELL Reading Challenge, we are thrilled with the progress he has made.” – Teacher (Tauranga Intermediate)


    This reading revolution has very likely already been sparked in your local community.


    Now in its third year, the HELL Reading Challenge has seen 450,000 Pizza Wheels distributed around the country to date. The Pizza Wheels are used by kids to record their reading achievements. Once seven books have been recorded and verified by a teacher or librarian, the wheels can be redeemed for a free ‘333 kid’s pizza’ from HELL.


    The programme is completely free for primary schools and local libraries to enter; 655 school and public libraries across the country are registered so far for this year’s challenge.


    Click on the image to read more quotes from those taking part!

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  • Let the children play

    Satan’s Little Helper is a playful character, so he jumped at the chance to help Rangiora Toy Library (RTL) in its mission to improve children’s education through play – by providing $480 in HELL vouchers.



    Half that amount in dollars was needed for RTL to reach its target to buy new shelves and improve the centre’s limited space.


    “We sold the vouchers at half price and they proved wildly popular,” says RTL vice president and secretary Lizzy Anderson. “We could have sold three times as many!”


    Established more than 20 years ago, the community-run RTL is funded through a combination of subscription fees, donations, grants, and fundraisers.


    Lizzy says that everyone involved is very thankful for HELL’s support.


    “We’ve got the shelves installed now. They’ve made a significant difference to the library, because now we can safely store our larger toys and there’s also more space for the children to play.


    “Not all families have access to toys at home; we’re an affordable alternative with more than 1,000 different items available to our members.” 

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  • Satan’s Little Helper can’t perform miracles, but has been known to get people out of a tight spot. Check out how Lucifer’s little mate helped these unfortunates in their time of need.


  • IHC’s Project Active trains it's youth members to become self-sufficient, so when they asked us for a few pizzas for a party, we figured a simple treat wouldn’t quite do the trick. Check out what happened!


  • Feeding Brains

    They say the devil finds work for idle hands, but we’ve flipped the script by making that work educational. Our plan kicked off with a Reading Challenge to get more books in kids’ mitts.

    Read for yourself here!   


  • Hell’s supported charities and foundations for a long time. When a worthy cause grabs our attention, we’ll throw our weight behind it.



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